Week #12

November 10th, 2022

Chandler @ Hamilton


“The Battle of Arizona Avenue” is one of the most talked about rivalries in the state of Arizona with these two powerhouses sitting less than 4 miles from one another. This heated rivalry received a massive boost back in 1999 when former NFL star, Terrell Suggs, transferred from Chandler to Hamilton. Hamilton would start the rivalry by winning 17 times in a row until they lost in 2013. This gave Chandler high hopes as they would win the next 7 matchups versus the Huskies, while one of these wins came during the State Championship. In most of these match ups, both teams are ranked high in the overall country ranks, making each player and coach want to prove their spot not only within Arizona, but the country. Thursday, November 10th, will be the 30th time that these teams will match up. Following a victorious 2021 season against Chandler, Hamilton wants to bring the streak back home so they can continue to hold the name as the best on Arizona Avenue for another year.

Red Mountain @ Mountain View


During the year, everyone in the city of Mesa is friendly to one another, except for one day, when lines are drawn, and these two teams face off in “The Battle of the Brown Road.” Some residents may say it’s a friendly rivalry, while many others think not. These student athletes grow up together and play on the same youth teams, but that is set in the past as they represent their school and desire bragging rights over the others for the next year. Red Mountain is coming off a decisive game last year where they defeated Mountain View 20-3 and hold the bragging rights that come with it. Each year, these two teams fight until the final whistle is blown, so get excited as another iteration of “The Battle of Brown Road” is coming on November 10th.