What is the Great American Rivalry Series?

Each fall for over a century, high school football has been the centerpiece for families and communities on Friday night. In 2004, iHigh, Inc. created the Great American Rivalry Series to celebrate this uniquely American sport and the cultural phenomenon of “Friday Night in America.” The Series shines the spotlight on top high school football rivalries across the nation, where long-standing traditions are valued, expectations are sky high, and followers are committed.

Each year, select schools across the country are invited to participate in the Rivalry Series – schools that have always had the game, a traditional rivalry going back many years in which thousands of players, coaches and fans have participated. It is the game the whole community embraces, looks forward to and talks about all year long. The game where memories are made and then relived at high school reunions across America for years to come.

The Great American Rivalry Series celebrates your rivalry. It revolves around every player – the star players, the scholar athletes and all the players on the team. For many seniors, this rivalry contest will be the last big game of their athletic career and climax of their “Glory Days.” The Rivalry Series captures that moment and helps enhance an experience the players, coaches, students and fans will never forget.

How does your school benefit from the Rivalry Series?

  • The winning team is presented with the Great American Rivalry Series Championship Trophy
  • One player is selected as the game’s “Most Valuable Player” and awarded a trophy and medal
  • The top senior student athlete from each school receives the Rivalry Scholar Student-Athlete Scholarship Award
  • Public address announcements are made noting your school’s involvement in this nationwide program
  • If available, your local (audio) game broadcast is streamed and archived
  • Your school and game are recognized on the iHigh.com and GreatAmericanRivarly.com national websites
  • The host school receives a donation to their athletic program for participating in the Series