The 1969 Manual Crimson Team

Manual High School

Tonight’s Hall of Fame inductees for Manual High School are representatives of the 1969 football team who played 50 years ago in one of the last Thanksgiving Day games at Fairgrounds Stadium in front of over 14,000 fans.

Entering the game with a two-touchdown underdog to a formidable Male Bulldogs team which had been touted as the top contender for the 1969 state championship, the 1969 Crimson team chose to believe not in records or potential, but rather in themselves and the Manual spirit of the Class of 1970.

With a senior laden team led on offense by quarterback William Louden and on defense by linebacker Oliver Glenn, the Crimsons fought back from an early deficit to win the game by two touchdowns. Led by seniors with names like Simpson, MacDonald, McLaurine, Wells, Chambers, White, Bell, Louden, Ferguson, Ford and a roster filled with players who refused to lose, the Crimson team made Thanksgiving Day 1969 one for the ages in Manual football history. This was a day when school spirit overcame the tallest odds and produced a final score of Manual 20 Male 6. No more - No less.

Accepting the awards tonight on the 50th Anniversary of their upset victory are the members of the 1969 Manual Crimson team from the Class of 1970.

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