Nate Orchard

Highland (UT)

Nate – known as Nate Fakahafua during high school – put Highland on his back in 2010 Rivalry game against East. In a game the Rams had to win to make the playoffs, Nate finished with 165 yards receiving (including a touchdown catch in which he ripped the ball away from two defenders in the back corner of the end zone), 4 sacks, 15 tackles, and an interception, leading the Rams to a 42-14 victory over the Leopards. Using the momentum from that game, the Rams reeled off four straight victories in the playoffs to capture the team’s first state title in 24 years.

Nate is unable to attend tonight as he is currently playing for the University of Utah. Accepting the award for Nate is his wife, Meagan.

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