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Toms River North and Toms River South have been battling to be the best in Toms River since 1972, and it hasn’t lost any luster since then. Toms River North has been on a winning streak for years.  However, leading the all time record of this rivalry at 25-21-1 is Toms River South. 1500 fans will gather to see who takes the title this year in the battle of the two rivers.


Jarrod Pruitt
Toms River North High School


Vinny Palmieri

Toms River North High School

Vinny is a three-year letterman Linebacker on the Mariner Football Team. He is the President of the National Honor Society and also enjoys coaching the an 8th grade football team in his free time. Vinny holds a 4.83 unweighted GPA and plans to attend Princeton University or the University of Chicago to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering or Public Speaking. He is accompanied by his parents Ida and Michael Palmieri.
John Verderosa

Toms River South High School

John is a two-year letterman Offensive Tackle and Defensive End on the Indian Football Team. John is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Key Club of Toms River South. John currently holds a 4.89unweighted GPA and plans to attend TCNJ to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is accompanied by his parents, Marie & John Verderosa.


Toms River North continued their winning streak tonight with a 44-7 blowout against Toms River South. The Mariners came strong in the first half of the game, having accumulated a 31-0 lead by halftime. It isn't until the third quarter that South finally gets a number on the board. The victory is short lived, however, as North pulls off another touchdown in the fourth, ending the game with a score of 44-7. While Toms River South still leads the series record, this was definitely an exceptional show of talent and passion by the Mariners.