South Dade at Homestead (2019)

Game information

Home Team: Homestead Senior High School

Away Team: South Dade Senior High School

Date And Time: 08/30/2019 7:00 pm

Location: Harris Field

Game Preview

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The Homestead Broncos and the South Dade Buccaneers fought for bragging rights at the “Battle of Lucy Street” in front of over 4,000 fans that attended the game. The “Battle of Lucy Street” was named from the road that divides the five-mile radius between the two schools. South Dade currently holds the lead in the rivalry by 11-3.


Homestead Senior High School :0

South Dade Senior High School :25

Game Summary

South Dade maintained a commanding lead over home school Homestead in this year’s match-up. This is a heated rivalry, but South Dade Senior High School managed to keep Homestead from scoring despite a couple of fumbles. Will Homestead come out on top next year? Follow the Great American Rivalry Series to find out!


Homestead Senior High School

Scholar Athletes

Homestead Senior High School

Caleb Torres

South Dade Senior High School

Jonathan Dennis