Kick off was slated for 7:30pm. It was a rainy and humid night. There were flash flood warnings all over Tennessee, but Murfreesboro was ready for the storms that would unfold in “The Battle of the Boro”. The Great American Rivalry Series game between Oakland and Riverdale was marked by thunder and lightning and was a hard fought battle with neither team giving up. The field was muddy and slippery, meaning the passing game would not be a factor if the receiver could not get their footing. This game was destined to be won in the trenches


Cody West


Matthew Schaller


Matt Schaller is a senior, a three-year letterman in football for Oakland High, and a leader in the community. He is a member of FCA and Young Life.
Cody West


Cody West is also a senior and a three-year letterman for Riverdale. He is a member of FCA and The Beta Club.


Oakland entered the field with the swagger of the number two team in the state and the defending 4A state champion. They were focused and determined to defend their home turf. Riverdale was preparing to make a run at the state championship as well, and was lead by senior quarterback Cody West, and Cody and his teammates came out determined to dismantle Oakland's run attack. In the end, this game was all about defense - who would have the ball last and who would punch it in for a touchdown. With just a few seconds on the clock, Oakland attempted a field goal that fell short, forcing the game into overtime. In high school overtime, both teams get the ball on the 25-yard line with an opportunity to win with a field goal or a touchdown. At the halftime coin toss Riverdale had deferred, so this gave Oakland the ball first. Three plays later Riverdale forced Oakland to kick a field goal. With the ball placed on the 25-yard line, Riverdale had the opportunity to take down the defending state champs and the number two team in the state. Riverdale put the ball in the hands of their Senior Quarterback Cody West, who put together a scoring drive that secured the victory for Riverdale. Forcing a fourth and goal, Cody West jumped over Oakland's defenders, landing in the end zone and claiming both "The Battle of the Boro" and The Great American Rivalry Series Championship Trophy.