Rancho vs. Las Vegas (2018)

Game information

Home Team: Las Vegas

Away Team: Rancho

Date And Time: 08/17/2018 7:00 pm

Location: Las Vegas High School

Game Preview

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Las Vegas has dominated the recent meetings between Rancho in what’s known as the Bone Game. The two teams first played each other in 1957, when Las Vegas was a much different city than the one it is today. Through all the changes that took place in Las Vegas, the two teams have remained committed to this intense rivalry.

“The Bone” the two teams battle for was originally proposed by the Rancho Letterman’s Club as the trophy for the rivalry game, and it has been the ultimate prize ever since. Las Vegas has taken home “The Bone” the last 22 times, but the rivalry remains just as intense as ever. Rancho will be looking to shift the balance of power in the rivalry to open the 2018 season.


Las Vegas :47

Rancho :0

Game Summary

Not even a loss of power in the stadium could prevent the Las Vegas Wildcats from running all over the Rancho Rams, extending their series unbeaten streak to 23 straight games in this heated rivalry. The Wildcats started strong, putting up 20 unanswered points by halftime. Unfortunately, the lights in the stadium all shut off, and it was soon determined to be a loss of power. The Friday night game was delayed until Saturday, August 25th, at which point the Wildcats resumed their dominance and took home “The Bone.” Final score, Las Vegas 47, Rancho 0.


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