The Tuscola–Pisgah rivalry also referred to as the Pisgah–Tuscola rivalry, the Haywood County Championship Game, the Iron Bowl, the Battle for Haywood, the Paper Bowl, and the County Clash is one of the best known and fiercest high school football rivalries in the state of North Carolina. The intensity of the rivalry is caused by the fact that these are the only two high school football teams in Haywood County, North Carolina and are located less than 9 miles apart. This year is the 49th annual County Clash game; fans near 15,000 anxiously wait for kickoff at Memorial Stadium.


Bryce Myers


Brayden Valentine


This is Brayden’s 3rd year playing football for Pisgah. He is also on Pisgah’s baseball team. He is very involved in his youth group at Bethel Baptist Church and has participated in many mission trips. He is a member of the National Honor Society and plans on possibly attending App. State or NC State to pursue an actuarial science degree. Presenting the award is Marine Staff Sergeant Lowe. Congratulations Brayden!!!
Peter Tran


Peter is a one-year letterman in varsity basketball and plans on playing his senior year as well. He is also a 2-year letterman in varsity football. Peter is a well standing member of the National Honor Society. He plans on attending a four-year university. Presenting the award is Marine Staff Sergeant Herrera. Congratulations Peter!!!


Bill Churm


Bill is best known throughout as Coach Bill Churm. He coached football at Canton and Pisgah High Schools for over 45 years. At Pisgah, he was part of four state championship teams in ’66, ’71, ’75 and ’76. In 1996 Bill was enshrined in the inaugural class of Pisgah Athletic Hall of Fame. The Mountain Amateur Athletic Club bestowed him with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003 for his more than 45 years of coaching football. Coach Churm also coached senior Little League Baseball for over 15 years. Tonight his recognition and award will be accepted by his wife, Anita. Presenting the award is Marine Staff Sergeant Lowe. Congratulations Bill!!!!
Eddie West


Eddie played in this football rivalry game in 1977, ’78, ’79, which Tuscola won all 3 years. Thanks to him and many others Eddie was probably remembered for his game winning catches and his miraculous one handed receptions that wowed the fans. Eddie was selected all-conference as well as all-western North Carolina. In those years Tuscola amassed an amazing 25-6-1 record. Eddie was twice elected all-Southern Conference tight end, 2nd team All-American and played for the National Championship in 1983. Eddie currently works at the North Carolina Judicial System as the Civil Courts Judge. Presenting the award is Marine Staff Sergeant Herrera. Congratulations Eddie!!!


First half Tuscola scored the first touchdown of the night but, misses the extra point while Pisgah answers back scoring their first touchdown. With the first half winding down, Tuscola scored two more touchdowns; Pisgah comes charging down the field scoring a touchdown right before halftime. Pisgah ties up the score in the 3rd with a 40-yard run. In the fourth quarter with a tied score, Pisgah has the ball and tries to go for a win with 41 seconds left but, it’s no good. Game goes into overtime and Tuscola failed to score a touchdown and settled for a field goal. Pisgah now has the chance to tie this game up again, they go for a kick and it is no good. The ball skims the goal post and Tuscola has won this ball game, with a final score 24-21, Tuscola.