North Medford and South Medford, two fierce rivals, are gearing up for the highly anticipated showdown in the 20th season of the Great American Rivalry Series. Set to take place on October 27th, 2023, this clash promises to be an electrifying contest that will have the entire town buzzing with excitement. The venue for this intense battle is yet to be announced, but both teams are ready to leave their mark on the historic rivalry.

The North Medford Black Tornado and the South Medford Panthers have a storied history that dates back to 1986. Over the years, they have locked horns 36 times, with North holding a slight edge in the all-time series, 18-17. This close record only adds to the intensity and unpredictability of the matchup.

In their last encounter, North Medford dominated the field, delivering a resounding 35-0 victory. A standout moment from that game was a spectacular 32-yard run by North Medford, showcasing their offensive prowess. With a total of 401 yards, including 183 passing and 218 rushing yards, North Medford left a lasting impression. On the defensive end, they forced two turnovers and displayed their relentless pressure.

South Medford, on the other hand, faced a tough challenge in their previous meeting, struggling to find their rhythm on offense. With a mere 104 total yards, they were unable to overcome the defensive might of North Medford. However, this setback has only fueled their desire to turn the tables in the upcoming clash.

Rick Ford, the founder and CEO of the Great American Rivalry Series, shared his thoughts on this historic matchup, stating, “The North Medford vs. South Medford rivalry has been a cornerstone of high school football in this region for decades. The passion and intensity displayed by both teams and their fans is what makes this rivalry so special. As we celebrate the 20th season of the Great American Rivalry Series, I have no doubt that this game will be one for the books.”

With a crowd size expected to reach around 6,000, the atmosphere will be nothing short of electric. As the date draws near, the excitement continues to build, and both teams are leaving no stone unturned in their preparation. The North Medford vs. South Medford rivalry is a true spectacle of Friday night football, showcasing the passion and tradition that defines this great sport.

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