Mountain View at Red Mountain (2019)

Game information

Home Team: Red Mountain High School

Away Team: Mountain View High School

Date And Time: 10/18/2019 7:00 pm

Location: Red Mountain High School Football Stadium

Game Preview

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With a rivalry that began in 1988, it is no secret that the Mountain View Toros and Red Mountain Mountain Lions like to battle it out on the field. The Battle of Brown Road has allowed the schools that sit only a few miles apart to prove who is the best. Both schools have mutual respect for each other and always fight this battle clean.


Red Mountain High School :48

Mountain View High School :20

Game Summary

The Mountain View Lions took the lead early in the first quarter. Red Mountain took a 7 point lead in the second half, went up by seven going into halftime and kept their position for the remainder of the game. Red Mountain won over Mountain View with the final score of 48-20. Cash Clark from Mountain View and Ben Bray from Red Mountain were the scholar athletes from this game.


Red Mountain High School

Jackson Beecher

Scholar Athletes

Red Mountain High School

Ben Bray

Mountain View High School

David "Cash" Clark