On most days of the year, Paul Brown Tiger Stadium in Massillon, Ohio sits empty. Echoes of glorious triumph and staggering defeat from years past reverberate across the empty field, heard only by those fortunate enough to have witnessed these events in person. But for one special night in October, the legendary stadium jolts alive with a frantic energy unparalleled by any high school sporting event in the country. On this fateful night, two football programs as old as the sport itself collide in an electrifying showdown that captivates the hearts and minds of Northern Ohio. Just miles outside the birthplace of football in Canton, the Massillon Tigers and McKinley Bulldogs meet again to battle for the title they’ve so often traded since their rivalry began in 1894. Swells of spectators pack the stadium, clamoring to witness the continuation of a classic piece of Americana. Tailgaters arrive early and in droves, surrounding the area in RVs, cornhole boards, grills, and gratuitous team spirit. The cool autumn air erupts with the roars of tens of thousands of spectators in and around the stadium from the first whistle to the last. Regardless of records or standings, the meeting of these two teams is guaranteed to be a grandiose spectacle that rivals games even at the collegiate level. The Massillon-McKinley rivalry truly encapsulates America’s love of football and the traditions, passion, and excitement that brings us all together.


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