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Daytona is much more than sun and sand; it is also home of an intense rivalry that is separated by only 7 miles. It pits players — sometimes from the same neighborhood — who grew up playing with and against each other before getting to high school. The game dates back to 1922 when Mainland was known as Daytona High, or the “mainland school”, having played over 60 times against each other. Seabreeze is looking to snap a decade-long losing streak in this year’s rendition of the rivalry.



Isaiah Gordon


Thomas Bunch


Nicholas Antoine


Nick is a three-year varsity football, basketball, and track athlete who plans on continuing his academic and athletic career at the collegiate level. He is an outstanding student athlete who is in the top five percentile of his class.


The Buccaneers of Mainland invade Seabreeze and loot a victory over the Sandcrabs. Isaiah Gordon claims MVP honors. Mainland improves to 2-3 and the Seabreeze Sandcrabs fall to 2-4.