It’s that time of year again when the gridiron gladiators of Peru High School and Logansport High School prepare to clash in one of the oldest rivalries in Indiana. As the Great American Rivalry Series enters its 20th season, the stage is set for an electrifying encounter between the Tigers and the Berries at the iconic Logansport Memorial Field on 8/18/23. 

There’s more than just pride at stake in this heated rivalry. Both teams are fueled by a burning desire to take home bragging rights for their community, and nothing will be left on the field. 

Speaking about the significance of this legendary rivalry, Rick Ford, the founder and CEO of the Great American Rivalry Series, stated, “The Peru vs. Logansport matchup has been a cornerstone of high school football tradition in Indiana for decades. The passion and intensity displayed by both communities exemplify the essence of the Great American Rivalry Series.” 

Last year’s encounter saw Logansport dominate with a resounding 44-0 victory over Peru, leaving the Tigers hungry for redemption. With the weight of history behind them and the deafening roar of a 2,500-strong crowd, both teams will be looking to create lasting memories on the field. 

The Peru Tigers, led by Coach Johnson, boast a talented roster, determined to turn the tide in their favor. Meanwhile, the Logansport Berries, under Coach Anderson’s guidance, are eager to defend their home turf and extend their winning streak against their rivals. 

As the sun sets and the anticipation builds, fans from both sides will gather at Logansport Memorial Field, wearing their team colors with pride. It’s a momentous occasion that transcends generations, where the spirit of competition and camaraderie unite the communities. 

So, mark your calendars for 8/18/23, as we gear up for an unforgettable clash between two gridiron powerhouses. Will the Tigers roar back to life and claim victory, or will the Berries maintain their dominance? There’s only one way to find out, and we can’t wait to witness the drama unfold. 

We Know Friday Nights. 


Matthew Roettger


Isaac Russell


Isaac is a respected teammate and leader. A specialist on both sides of the ball, he prefers to help his team win in any way he can. Isaac excels just as much in the classroom, earning academic honors throughout his time at Logansport and carrying an impressive GPA.
Fox Huppenthal


Fox Huppenthal is a senior member of the football team at Peru Jr./Sr. High School. He is the son of Bob and Anna Huppenthal and is a 3 sport athlete competing in football, soccer, and baseball. He plans to attend Purdue University and major in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently 4th in his class and carries a 4.0 GPA.


The first game of the Great American Rivalry Series’ 20th season kicked off tonight in Indiana between the Peru Tigers and Logansport Berries. After last year’s matchup ending in 44-0 the Peru Tigers were out for redemption. Peru took a quick lead at the start of the game, ending the first quarter 14-7. Logansport fought back landing another TD and Peru put up another 2 touchdowns ending the second quarter 28-14. Peru charged forward in the second half bringing the final score to 42–28 giving the Tigers the victory they were looking for this year.