The hallowed grounds of Honoka’a High School Football Stadium are ready to witness the clash of titans as the Dragons and Cowboys lock horns in a gridiron showdown that’s become legendary over the past two decades. Welcome to the 20th season of the Great American Rivalry Series, and mark your calendars for September 1st, 2023.

Since its inaugural kickoff in 2004, this rivalry has been etched into the annals of football history. The Honoka’a Dragons and Kohala Cowboys are gearing up for another thrilling chapter in a storied saga, with the Dragons currently holding a commanding 13-1 edge in the all-time series.

Last season’s showdown was a statement of dominance by the Dragons, who prevailed with a resounding 29-0 victory over the Cowboys. As the new season unfolds, the anticipation for their next clash is palpable.

Rick Ford, the visionary behind the Great American Rivalry Series, speaks to the significance of this matchup: “The Dragons and Cowboys rivalry represents the heart and soul of high school football. It’s not just about touchdowns and tackles; it’s about the unbreakable bond between communities and the passion that fuels this age-old competition.”

The Dragons are riding high as the reigning BIIF Division II champions, having secured their title in a championship showdown. Their triumphs have propelled them to the top of the Big Island II Football Standings. Meanwhile, the Cowboys, positioned at 5th in the rankings, are determined to prove their mettle in this storied rivalry.

As the sun sets and the stadium lights illuminate the field, the stage is set for an epic clash. Fans from both sides will pack the stands, eager to witness the spectacle that is the Dragons vs. Cowboys. In an atmosphere charged with history and rivalry, these teams are set to deliver a performance that will echo through the ages.

We Know Friday Nights.


Kelton Bell


He'olu Bertelmann Makanami


On the field, He’Olu is in his first year of varsity football for the Dragons where he plays linebacker, and is also a 3 year letterman on the varsity baseball team. In the classroom, He’Olu boasts a 3.8 GPA and is ranked 6th in his senior class. After high school, He’Olu hopes to play college baseball.
Zayden Acacio


On the field for the Cowboys, Zayden is a part of both the offensive and defensive lines. Off the field, he is a tremendous student who boasts a 3.381 GPA and was a member of the Principal’s list for the 2022-23 school year. After high school, Zayden plans to attend Oregon State University


The 20th Anniversary GARS season took us across the Pacific to the beautiful islands of Hawaii for this Rivalry matchup between the Cowboys and the Dragons. Honoka'a makes quick work, rushing the ball 5 times and scoring in just 2 minutes and takes a 6-0 lead! The Dragons turn defense into offense and get an interception, and quickly follows it up with a rushing touchdown, making the score 13-0 Honoka’a. After an acrobatic catch to start the 2nd quarter, Honoka’a continued to pour it on, this time through the air to take a 3 score lead! Honoka’a forces a turnover on downs and quickly makes their way downfield, as the QB saw a lane, kept it himself and scored! 27-0. Despite the rain, the Dragons continued to put it on! After a few punts back and forth, a great punt return sets up Honoka’a as they take the first play to the house for a rushing touchdown. 33-0. Kohala mishandles a punt snap and Honoka’a recovers inside the 5, but the Dragons give it right back on a fumble of their own ending the 3rd 33-0! It was dueling turnovers in the 4th quarter, Honoka’a serving up another good punt return to punch in another passing touchdown, bringing the score to 40-0. An impressive kick return touchdown put the first point on the board for Kohala. The Dragons defended their lair in the islands with a 40-7 victory.