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The Hillcrest Rams and Mauldin Mavericks rivalry began in 1974 with a series record of 34-29 in favor of Mauldin. 2019 marks the first appearance in the Great American Rivalry Series for both teams. This battle for the Golden Strip is one of the fiercest games in South Carolina. With both of these teams nestled in a highly competitive, football rich area, this game is built off of pure intensity.


Dre Johnson
Mauldin High School
#23 Dre Johnson


Ben Dority

Mauldin High School

Ben is a part of the Football and Soccer teams. He is also part of the student council, National Honors Society, Spanish National Honors Society, and the Cross-Worship Band. Ben was also the 2015 American Legion Award winner, and he is ranked 18th in his class.
Trey Williams

Hillcrest High School

Trey is a 3-year member of the Beta Club at Hillcrest. Trey is a varsity letterman on the varsity football team. Trey plans to work in the medical field after college, possibly as a pharmacist.


Mauldin was able to strike first with a short drive that resulted in a touchdown. Responded quickly, scoring their own touchdown in the 2nd quarter. By the end of the game, it was clear that Hillcrest meant business, outscoring Mauldin 28-7.