The city is set to witness an exhilarating clash as the Page Pirates take on the Grimsley Whirlies in a showdown that has been etched in history. The rivalry between these two powerhouses is reaching new heights as they square off at the revered Jameison Stadium on October 20, 2023. This thrilling encounter is an integral part of the 20th season of the Great American Rivalry Series.

Jameison Stadium will be transformed into a cauldron of excitement as 10,000 passionate fans converge to support their respective teams. The atmosphere will be electric as the Page Pirates and the Grimsley Whirlies gear up for another chapter in this fiercely contested rivalry.

In their last meeting, Grimsley emerged victorious with a hard-fought 27-22 win. The Page Pirates, driven by that narrow defeat, are hungry for redemption and determined to leave a lasting mark in this historic clash.

Rick Ford, founder and CEO of the Great American Rivalry Series, spoke about the significance of the Page vs. Grimsley rivalry, stating, “The Page vs. Grimsley matchup is a testament to the enduring spirit of high school football rivalries. These two schools have a storied history of fierce competition, showcasing the very essence of what makes this sport special. As we celebrate the 20th season of the Great American Rivalry Series, we are thrilled to feature this intense showdown.”

Both teams have been tirelessly preparing, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory. The players understand the weight of this rivalry, carrying the hopes and dreams of their schools and communities on their shoulders. Every practice, every play has been building up to this defining moment.

When the clock starts ticking at Jameison Stadium, the field will become a battleground where tradition, resilience, and sheer determination collide. The Page Pirates and Grimsley Whirlies will showcase their skills, leaving it all on the field in pursuit of glory.

As the game date approaches, the anticipation grows, and the city holds its breath in anticipation of another thrilling chapter in this storied rivalry. Page vs. Grimsley is more than just a football game; it’s a tradition that transcends generations and fuels the passion of the community. Bring the hype and remember, We Know Friday Nights!



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