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Good Counsel looks to avenge last season’s 28-0 defeat to Gonzaga College Eagles. As they meet on a neutral site on Saturday for another installment of this rivalry game.


Patrick McMahon

Gonzaga College

Patrick McMahon has carried a 4.26 grade point average while taking a rigorous course load containing 17 AP/Honors courses.  Patrick is completing his 4th season with Gonzaga’s Football Program.  He has also been a 4 year contributor to Campus Kitchen and the Gonzaga Book Club, a 3 year member of both the Debate Team and the Peace Club, and a 2 year member of the Basketball Team, Eagles for Democracy, the Environmental Club and the National Honor Society. Patrick is considering Boston College, Notre Dame, and Cal Berkeley where would like to study political science or biology.
John Reyez

Good Counsel


A hard-fought game from the opening kick to the final whistle, but the Our Lady of Good Counsel Falcons stand victorious! Antonio Avery was honored as MVP. Our Lady of Good Counsel improves to 5-2 and the Gonzaga Eagles fall to 4-4.