The 139th meeting between the Tigers from Gardiner High School and the Rams from Cony High School had more than just pride on the line. This year, with both teams having a down season, only the victor’s season would go on into the playoffs, while the losing team’s season would end. Cony has owned Gardiner in this rivalry recently, but with a major rain downfall projected for Friday night, it would be an advantage to the Tigers’ strong running attack.


Taylor Heath


Hunter Russell


Hunter is an outstanding student athlete at Gardiner High School. Academically, he is in the top ten in his class and is a member of the National Honor Society. He is also a 3 sport athlete, lettering for three years in football, ice hockey, and track. His future plans are to attend a four year university and major in bio-medical sciences.
Kolton Vining


Kolton is a 3 sport athlete at Cony, playing football, basketball, and lacrosse. He is an outstanding role model for our youth and volunteers his time to help at youth football and basketball games. Kolton currently holds a 3.8 grade point average which is a tribute to his work off the field and in the classroom.


Mike Madore


Mike played in the Gardiner vs. Cony rivalry from 1994-97. During his time, the Tigers won the rivalry game all three years. During his three years he accumulated 13 rushing touchdowns against Cony. During his Junior year, the team was 0-7 going into the game and they upset Cony at Gardiner. During his senior year, his team defeated Cony twice en route to a PTC Title and a place in the state championship game.
Devin Saban


Devin was a three year starter for Cony in the late ‘80’s, playing running back and linebacker. In 1988, he was a captain and led the defense for Cony when they defeated Gardiner 22-0, ending a 7 year Gardiner winning streak. After serving in the military, Devin returned to Augusta and coached his son Jonathan throughout his years in the youth program, and joined the Cony high school staff in 2009. He was the wide receivers and defensive ends coach for Cony in 2013 when the Rams won their first state championship in the final minute on a 25-yard pass caught by his son Jonathan. Devin has been an outstanding role model for the youth of Augusta and still serves as a volunteer assistant on Cony’s staff.


Gardiner would put points on the board first, scoring a rushing touchdown courtesy of their quarterback midway through the first quarter. Cony would eventually respond with a touchdown of their own, rushing in the end zone with 50 seconds left in the first quarter. The Rams would go on to score another 14 unanswered points, but Gardiner was able to close the gap before halftime. Both teams went into the locker room with the Rams leading the Tigers, 21-12. The field got sloppier and sloppier with the rain, effecting both teams. Gardiner would score first in the 2nd half, but Cony would respond with a deep touchdown pass to close the deal and march on to the playoffs with a 27-18 win.