On October 7th, 2023, the longstanding football rivalry between the Rockhurst Hawklets and the Blue Springs Wildcats will ignite once again at the historic Peve Stadium. This highly anticipated matchup has been a staple of Friday night football since 1975, captivating fans with its intense competition and rich tradition. As the Great American Rivalry Series celebrates its 20th season, the Rockhurst-Blue Springs showdown promises to deliver another thrilling chapter in their storied history.

With a series record of 17-10 since 2004, Rockhurst has maintained an edge over Blue Springs in recent years. However, the Wildcats are determined to turn the tide and narrow the gap. The total meetings between these two powerhouses stand at an impressive 27 since 2004, highlighting the longevity and significance of this rivalry.

The crowd at Peve Stadium is expected to reach a fever pitch, with approximately 5,000 passionate fans converging to witness this clash of titans. The atmosphere will be electric, as the loyal supporters of both schools fill the stands, donning their respective colors and mascots. The Hawklets will soar high, while the Wildcats will unleash their feral spirit, setting the stage for an epic battle on the gridiron.

Rick Ford, founder and CEO of the Great American Rivalry Series, expressed his excitement about this marquee matchup, stating, “The Rockhurst-Blue Springs rivalry has captivated fans for decades, showcasing the true essence of high school football. This game exemplifies the spirit, passion, and tradition that we celebrate in the Great American Rivalry Series.”

In last year’s encounter, Rockhurst emerged victorious with a 33-20 win. Blue Springs fought valiantly, tallying 295 total yards, but ultimately fell short. Rockhurst’s balanced offense, amassing 373 total yards, proved to be the difference-maker. The Wildcats will undoubtedly seek redemption, aiming to rectify last year’s defeat and reclaim their glory.

As the countdown to kickoff continues, anticipation builds, and Friday night lights beckon. The Rockhurst Hawklets and the Blue Springs Wildcats stand ready to renew their fierce rivalry, etching their names into the annals of high school football history. Get ready for a clash that will leave an indelible mark on the 20th season of the Great American Rivalry Series.

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Ethan Hansen


Noah Kincaid

Blue Springs

Noah is a two-year varsity letter winner on the offensive line for the Wildcats. In the classroom, he carries a 3.64 GPA. After graduation, Noah plans to attend the University of Central Missouri to study and work in the field of cybersecurity. Offensive line coach Steve Luetjen says that Noah's leadership and direction with how he prepares to lead the offensive line into battle on a weekly basis is second to none. Coach Lue highlighted Noah's daily practice preparation as one of the optimal traits that will lead Noah to succeed on any path in life he chooses to take.
Tommy Coppinger


Tommy is a model student both on and off the field. He has maintained an impressive 4.3 GPA during his academic career while participating in numerous extra-curricular activities. As an established dual threat on the varsity squad, Tommy anchors the Rockhurst offense and defense. After graduating, he plans to pursue a higher education.


It was an exciting night for Kansas City residents as the Blue Springs Wildcats and the Rockhurst Hawklets went toe to toe on the gridiron to settle their rivalry. Rockhurst would apply the pressure early in the first with a dime by QB Ethan Hansen as he rolls to his right to hit #13 Myles Carson for the touchdown making it 7-0. The wildcats would answer back with a strong drive that left them in field goal range to give them their first points of the game making it 7-3 Rockhurst. The Hawklets continued their strong offense getting into the redzone again, but the Wildcat defense wasn’t tolerating it as they made a huge stop forcing a fumble on the goal line to prevent a touchdown before the half, keeping the score the same. The fumble didn’t seem to bother Rockhurst as they opened the second half with a touchdown making it 14-3. It wasn’t looking good for Wildcat fans at this point but they showed some life late in the game with a rushing touchdown to make it 14-10 but it was Rockhurst’s defense that was lockdown in the last quarter making a crucial stop on fourth and short to kill the Wildcat’s drive and would end the game at 14-10 Rockhurst.