The Martins Ferry vs. Bellarie match-up is one of the oldest running rivalries in the Northern OH area. October 31, 2014 marked the 107th meeting of the two schools. The rivalry still remains very intense. The teams, students and fans made that very clear by packing the Dave Bruney Football Complex despite the cold and wet weather. The Army and the Rivalry series were lucky enough to share this night with the Purple Riders students and fans on their Football and Cheer, and Band senior Night.


Arjay Buress
Martins Ferry


Mark Douglas

Martins Ferry

Ty Ramsay



Bellaire came out strong with the first touchdown of the came with 5:15 on the clock in the first quarter. Martins Ferry was happy to answer back immediately with a touch allowing less than 10 seconds to run off the clock. Bellaire scholar athlete, Ty Ramsey created his own magic on the field with an pass interception but Martin Ferry remained in the lead, racking up two more touchdowns before going in at the half with a score of 21-7. In the end the Big Reds just couldn't catch up. The Purple Riders took the win with 28-7 score; 3 of the 4 touchdowns created by the Rivalry MVP Arjay Buress.