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In a rivalry that has already seen 100 meetings, Batavia and Geneva remains one of Illinois’ biggest matchups. The past few years the Batavia Bulldogs have absolutely dominated the field.  The Illinois school refused to allow their Viking rivals get so much as a single point.  The 10-5 record in Batavia’s favor will only grow if this pattern continues. Will Geneva step up this year or suffer another devastating loss?


Kyle Oroni
Batavia High School


Sam Ericson

Geneva High School

Sam is the ultimate teammate. He consistently shows up for practice and is always willing to help all members of the program. He is a generous soul with a great attitude and a great work ethic. Not only is he involved with football, he also is a member of the band and a variety of community activities.
Alex Richards

Batavia High School

Alex has excelled on the field and in the classroom. He has perfected the art of balancing being a multi-sport athlete and a stringent academic schedule, achieving at an extremely high level in both. He has been willing to play multi positions, switch numbers, learn new information and make the team better. In the classroom his teachers view him as a class academic leader who is driven to excel but helps all students in need of assistance.


Batavia began the game with a touchdown in the first quarter. The Vikings later fumbled the ball, giving the Bulldogs the chance to score their second touchdown of the game by Batavia tight-end, Cheany. They didn't stop there. The half ended with Batavia up by 21. They continued their scoring streak by returning a punt with a long touchdown. Committed to holding their lead, the Bulldogs were able to finish the game with a 42-0 victory.