The largest and longest-running marketing platform in High School Sports

We know that community revolves around sports, and in high school, Friday Night Football collectively represents the largest attended sporting event in America. People across the country can relate to the thrill of long-standing rivalries and decades of good-natured competition under Friday night lights. As a marketing solutions company, BRAINBOX envisioned the Great American Rivalry Series® (GARS) as the ultimate marketing platform for game-changing brands.
GARS games average around 10,000 attendees, with a team of dedicated brand activation experts supporting your brand experience throughout the entire experience. But the brand extends far beyond the gridiron. Now with esports integrations, the Rivalry Road Tour, Game of the Week broadcasts and more, The Great American Rivalry Series® is the ultimate brand-immersion platform that engages with every aspect of the multigenerational audience of 75 million high school football fans. 

With 18 years of working in the high school market, we invite you to align your brand with The Great American Rivalry Series®  and connect to this influential community.

Customized, category-exclusive partnerships provide premier access and brand integration within the nation’s high school sports communities for unparalleled local, regional, and national marketing opportunities. Offering in-game activations, program-specific exposure opportunities, and season-long integrations, The Great American Rivalry Series®  allows brands to express their individuality while leveraging the brand known by high schools across the country.

This Series equips brands to reach every segment of the national market through a traditional pastime that every American can relate to in an atmosphere familiar to them. Our team at BRAINBOX Immersive Marketing (BBIM) is ready to collaborate with game-changing brands on this proven platform.