Isaac Grether & Tristen Holmes

North Medford (OR)

Jahan Kahusi is a senior where he currently serves as Student Body President and National Torch Honor Society for 3 years. He is a 2-year varsity letterman and captain for offensive line. He plans to attend college but is currently undecided on where he is attending and his major. Jahan would like to thank his parents for guiding him in the right direction. Currently, for his senior project he is an intern at the Britt Festival.

Isaac Grether currently serves as the Student Body President and National Torch Honor Society Secretary. He has been a 3-sport Varsity athlete since his sophomore year participating in wrestling, track & field and football. Isaac is currently completing his Eagle Service Project for the Boy Scouts of America and is a Pokémon enthusiast. His future plans include serving a 2-year mission for his church and he plans to earn his MBA degree with a minor in Engineering at OSU, BYU or Texas A&M.

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