Friday Night Lights (2004) put up the best fight of any film, but it was nowhere near enough. Remember The Titans (2000) beat Friday Night Lights 76% to 24% on Facebook, 65% to 35% on Twitter, and 68% to 32% in Instagram. It was never even close.

When we first sat down to discuss the films, every one of us here at The Great American Rivalry Series agreed Remember The Titans was a five-tool player. It had the great cast, the speeches, the goosebumps moments, the uplifting story, the great football scenes. It had everything. And it absolutely trounced the competition.

It started out beating my personal choice, Jerry Maguire (1996) 98% to 2%. And from then on, I knew it was over. Remember The Titans turned out to be the Golden State Warriors, and Friday Night Lights put up a LeBron-sized fight only to crash and burn.

We here at The Great American Rivalry Series have a hard time disagreeing with the masses. Remember The Titans is a great film, immensely watchable, uplifting. It makes you (as our own Clint Bacon claims makes a great football movie) want to run through a brick wall.

Congratulations Remember The Titans.

Thank goodness Radio didn’t win.