I’m still considering who to vote for in this one. Thirteen-year-old me wants to shout “You Can Do It,” to The Waterboy (1998) and vote for it. But my more mature self understands that Friday Night Lights (2004) is probably a better film.

But can I vote for Friday Night Lights? The TV Show is better. The book is better. It’s the worst form of itself. It’s still good, but…

The Waterboy is fun. I consider myself a bit pretentious (have you been able to tell so far), but I will laugh every time Bobby Boucher pokes that guy in the eye or he hits someone or he gets mad at someone for talking about “his mama” or anytime Farmer Fran shows up.

In the end, I can’t bring myself to vote for Friday Night Lights. I’m going to let my fun side win, and urge you to vote for The Waterboy to move on to the final four.