Look, I get it. Remember The Titans (2000) is a clear frontrunner. It’s got everything. It’s got the speeches, the team bonding, the overcoming of adversity, a great cast, a feel-good story (not counting the very end). And it’s a legitimately good movie. I’ve probably seen it a hundred times if you take all the thirty minute chunks of it I’ve seen on TNT over the years.

I thought Jerry Maguire (1996) had a chance to maybe upset it in the first round. It wasn’t even close. What can stop it? Invincible is an okay film that people seem to like, but it doesn’t have Denzel Washington in his prime, does it? It doesn’t have “Left Side! Strong Side!” does it? It doesn’t have a young Ryan Gosling hamming it up, does it?

Although Remember The Titans is not my personal favorite football movie, it’s the perfect football movie. It’s a five-tool player, with no clear weaknesses to take advantage of. I can’t say a negative word about it.

The one thing standing in its way may be a final four matchup with Rudy (1993), a sentimental favorite. But today, I have a hard time believing Remember The Titans won’t move on. I have a hard time believing anything can stop it.