The Blind Side (2009) is fine. It’s by no means the worst film I’ve ever seen and nowhere near the best. Basically, I forgot I had even watched the film about five minutes after the credits rolled. Now, I can remember the basics of Sandra Bullock taking in this young, homeless man and helping him eventually go to college and then play in the NFL.

The only other thing that really sticks out is Sandra Bullock’s thick, and I mean thick, southern accent. Apparently, this accent was enough to convince the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to award her the Oscar for Best Actress in 2009. The film itself was even nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars that year. This is all I have to say.

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Like I said, the film is fine. It doesn’t take up too much space in my head and didn’t even while I was watching it. If this sounds like faint praise, it is. I don’t love The Blind Side. I’ve never actually seen The Program, but I have to believe it’s more memorable than The Blind Side.