Santa Cruz vs. Watsonville (2012)

Game information

Home Team: Santa Cruz

Away Team: Watsonville

Date And Time: 09/07/2012 7:00 pm

Location: Santa Cruz

Game Preview

The oldest football rivalry in Santa Cruz County which spans more than 100 years, one of the longest in California added another classic to the history books Friday night, as fans packed the stands at Santa Cruz High School on Memorial Field. The #1 Snack bar in Santa Cruz is ready to go, fans are screaming and cheering as both teams take the field we are ready for kickoff.


Santa Cruz :30

Watsonville :44

Game Summary

The Santa Cruz- Cardinals received the ball, scoring the first touchdown of the night. Watsonville Wildcatz countered with three big strikes to find the end zone, but it missed the extra point. The first half comes to a close, teams are tied 22-all late in the second quarter, but Watsonville scored another touchdown before the halftime. Watsonville comes out of the locker room ready to take home a trophy and a win for their first game of the season. Watsonville scores a big touchdown at the beginning of the second quarter. Now Santa Cruz has the ball but, it is intercepted with yet another touchdown by the Wildcatz. Watsonville proved to be the better team as they kept up the pace through the second half of the game. The game ended with the score at 44-30.


Watsonville (CA)

Roger Contreras

Scholar Athletes

Santa Cruz

Scout Schiebel


Sergio Melendrez

Hall Of Fame

Santa Cruz

Bytheal Ratlife


Mikey Carmona