The 1998 Ruston Football Team

Ruston (LA)

The Seniors of the 1998 Ruston football team played in the Ruston/Neville Rivalry for 3 seasons. Led by Tommy Reeder as a 1st year head coach Ruston beat Neville 42-19 for the first time in the three year matchup. The 1998 team was led on defense by Jerry Goldsmith, Kerry Goldsmith, Robert Peace, and Lester Jenkins. Kerry and Jerry payed both ways on the 1998 team and then went on to play at Northwestern St. Robert played for Tennessee. Offensively the team was led by Jack Hunt, Josh Jorge, Mario Cook, Bobby Clark, and Hunter Smith. Jack went on to play for LSU and win a National Championship in 2003. Josh played at University of Louisiana Lafayette. This win against Neville propelled the 1998 football team into the playoffs where they ended up State Runner Ups.

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