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The Great American Rivalry Series®, The Pro Football Hall of Fame Introduce Scholar Athlete Hall of Fame Team

LEXINGTON, Ky.  – The Great American Rivalry Series® (GARS) has teamed with the Pro Football Hall of Fame (PFHOF) to announce The Great American Rivalry Series Scholar Athlete Hall of Fame Team. A total of 25 outstanding student athletes will be honored as the 2020 inaugural GARS Scholar Athlete Hall of Fame Team from a group of nominees selected in the annual GARS Scholar Athlete Award program, now in its 17th year.

Concurrent with this announcement, the United States Marine Corps has committed to being one of the first Presenting Partners of the inaugural GARS Scholar Athlete Hall of Fame Team.“We have watched young athletes play in GARS games and then years later watched them play again in the Super Bowl” said Rick Ford, founder of the Great American Rivalry Series® “From the purity of high school football to the epitome of pro football, this partnership showcases the pathway for success at the highest level of our game.”

Recipients of the GARS Scholar Athlete Award are chosen annually as part of the Great American Rivalry Series which will be activating the program at its 1000th Rivalry game this fall. Scholar Athlete Award winners are recognized for their “on the field” and “in the classroom” success. This process will continuefor the 2020 GARS Scholar Athlete Award winners, with 144 nominees submitted by their respective schools. The determination of the 25 members of the GARS Scholar Athlete Hall of Fame Team will take place via an online campaign to be conducted throughout the season.

Now more than ever, the world needs young men and women of character, nobility, honor and integrity,” said Pat Lindesmith, Chief Partnership Officer and Senior Vice President of Gold Jacket Relations. “This initiative fits perfectly with the Hall’s Youth & Education Team’s commitment to empowering youth around the world. These programs provide inspiration and encourage young people to achieve Hall of Fame success on and off the field.

The United States Marine Corps has a long-standing association with the Great American Rivalry Series.“We are excited to take our long standing and successful Great American Rivalry Series partnership to the next level with the addition of the Pro Football Hall of Fame,” said Leroy Pennington, Marine Corps Marketing Specialist. “The elite status of the Rivalry Series and Hall of Fame fits perfectly with the Fighting Spirit of the Marine Corps and these fine young athletes.

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