There are some big rivalries in Tennessee that may get more attention, but if you ask anyone who attends one of the annual “Coffee Pot” games, it is quickly apparent that the passion and fervor each community feels for their teams is no less intense or real. This rivalry, which started in 1926, draws huge local crowds and is one of the most intense and close rivalries in the state. Last year the Red Raiders walked away victorious, winning 49-10.


Nic Barstad


Cameron West

Coffee County

Nic Barstad



Mr. Joe Frank McCullough

Coffee County

2010 Tullahoma Football Team



On Friday August 25 Coffee County and Tullahoma met for the 92nd time at the Coffee County High School football field. Coffee County went ahead early and was able to put up four touchdown scores in the first half along with a Tullahoma score in the first to make the score 28-7 at halftime. Tullahoma was able to connect on two 3rd quarter touchdowns which made it a one score game heading into the 4th after Coffee County added another touchdown. With the score 35-21 headed into the 4th quarter Tullahoma came storming back and put up 21 points in the 4th to move on to a 42-41 win after a stalled Coffee County drive to end the game.


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