Friday night’s game between Harlingen and San Benito has both towns up in arms as they not only play for the Rivalry Championship but also District Champions and the “Battle of the Arroyo” Champs. Tales of ticket scalping and scandal between the locals surrounding this game also make it the most attended game of the season.


Jessie Castro


Samuel Hayes Duffy


Rene Garcia

San Benito


Leo Araguez


Jim Helms

San Benito


San Benito goes into the week ranked #1 and Harlingen ranked #2 in the district. San Benito, expected to win, scores early in the first quarter with a touchdown and extra point. Harlingen can’t quite get the touchdown, but kicks a field goal and it good, making the score 7-3, San Benito Greyhounds. A safety is called on San Benito and the Harlingen Cardinals get the ball, 7-5. After a Cardinals fumble, the Greyhounds score a touchdown with less than a minute to go in the 1st quarter. Both teams score in the 2nd quarter and the halftime score is San Benito 21 and Harlingen 12. Harlingen came out fighting in the second half and scores late in the 3rd quarter. They hold San Benito off and take the lead on a kick-off return touchdown. San Benito fumbles the ball with less than 4 minutes to go and Harlingen makes a 52 yard field goal. The Greyhounds work hard to get the ball down the field but the Cardinals intercept the ball with less than a minute to go. The final score, Harlingen 29, San Benito 27.