The Rutland High School Football Field is about to become a battleground as the Hartford Hurricanes prepare to face off against the Rutland Raiders in a highly anticipated football showdown on October 21, 2023. This momentous game, which carries the weight of history and tradition, holds even greater significance as it is part of the 20th season of the prestigious Great American Rivalry Series.

Rick Ford, founder and CEO of the Great American Rivalry Series, acknowledged the gravity of this rivalry, stating, “The Hartford vs. Rutland matchup epitomizes the very essence of high school football. The intensity and impact of this game on the state playoff picture showcase the raw passion and competitive spirit that we love about Friday night lights.”

With a crowd size of 3,000 expected to fill the stands, the atmosphere at Rutland High School Football Field will be electric. In their last meeting, Hartford managed to seize control of the game with a late first-quarter touchdown, which propelled them to a dominant 25-0 victory. The Hurricanes offense showcased their firepower, scoring in each quarter, while their defense put on a stellar performance, shutting out the Raiders.

As the Hartford Hurricanes and the Rutland Raiders take the field, both teams will be fueled by a burning desire for redemption and a determination to impact the state playoff picture. The Hurricanes, embodying the spirit of their fierce mascot, seek to extend their dominance and solidify their standing in the conference. On the other side, the Raiders, backed by their resilient name, will stop at nothing to rewrite the narrative, and claim victory.

The historic significance of this rivalry cannot be overstated. The teams share the same conference, and their head-to-head battles often carry major implications on the state playoff picture. The clash between the Raiders and the Hurricanes will not only determine bragging rights but also have far-reaching consequences that ripple throughout the football landscape.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling matchup between the Hartford Hurricanes and the Rutland Raiders. The 20th season of the Great American Rivalry Series has selected this game for good reason – the intensity, passion, and stakes are at their peak. Friday night lights are about to shine brighter than ever.

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Brayden Trombly


Matt Reveal


Matt has done a great job of leading our younger players in our program this year and role modeling our team motto of "Intensity with Integrity". He can always be counted on to do whatever is in the best interest of our team or program. He will attend college next year and major in computer science or engineering.
Brayden Trombly


Brayden is a 2-time football captain, captain for the basketball team and an all-state lacrosse player. He is an exceptional leader both on the field and in the classroom, always giving his best. His character, discipline, and hard work set him apart. He plans to continue his football career in college.


Tonight in Rutland Vermont, the Rutland Raiders matched up against the Hartford Hurricanes for their long standing rivalry game. Featured previously on The Great American Rivalry Series, The Hurricanes returned this year ready to take home some hardware. The first half ended with the Hurricanes up 27-0, entering the second half the Raiders defense came back strong. The Raiders were able to hold the Hurricanes for most of the second half. With the Raiders #80 getting a first down leading them to make their way on to the board. Ending with a final score of 35-6 and a Hurricanes victory for the second year in a row of this rivalry!