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These teams have competed against each other for the last century. Two schools that are an hour apart are head to head rivals in the playoffs every year and compete for the state championship. This is a game that closes down the town and makes everyone come out to watch. The joy and excitement from either team winning lasts all year long until they compete again in the playoffs.


Kyle Hamilton
Hartford High School


Dakota Chapman

Hartford High School

Dakota has a 3.622 GPA. He participates in choir, band, and in our musicals. He is one that his coaches and teammates can always count on to do the right thing. Cody has spent countless hours improving himself as a player but more importantly has put the time in to making those around him better. Cody sees the bigger picture and knows that one good player can not make a football team successful but one good leader can change the course of a season.
Hunter Postenski

Rutland High School

Hunter has worked very hard on and off the field and is very well rounded by being involved in athletics, fine arts and student leadership. He has been a great model for our team and these attributes will serve him well when he goes to college next year.


This game between the Rutland Raiders and Hartford Hurricanes was one for the ages. The Raiders were able to strike first in the first quarter. The Hurricanes quickly responded with a couple of touchdowns of their own. Coming out of halftime, Hartford went on a big run, scoring 14 more points. Rutland was not able to match Harford by the end of the 4th quarter, bringing the final score to 28-14.