During the year, everyone in the city of Mesa is friendly to one another, except for one day, when lines are drawn, and these two teams face off in “The Battle of the Brown Road.” Some residents may say it’s a friendly rivalry, while many others think not. These student athletes grow up together and play on the same youth teams, but that is set in the past as they represent their school and desire bragging rights over the others for the next year. Red Mountain is coming off a decisive game last year where they defeated Mountain View 20-3 and hold the bragging rights that come with it. Each year, these two teams fight until the final whistle is blown, so get excited as another iteration of “The Battle of Brown Road” is coming on November 11th.



Lenox Lawson
Red Mountain


Sirri Kandiyeli

Mountain View

Sirri is a bright young man. He is a three-year letterman is football. He is also very caring and kindhearted, constantly helping his fellow students and community.
Tanner Demassa

Red Mountain

Tanner Demassa has a 4.5 weighted GPA and an ACT score of 32. He has played football throughout his life and his junior year he was named first team all-region defense. He started playing rugby his sophomore year and placed 4th and 9th in the high school nationals back-to-back years. He has a D1 offer to play rugby at the University of Arizona and plans to study Marine Biology in college.


The “Battle of Brown Road” in Mesa was one for the books. The Red Mountain Lions started off the game with a quick slant to put 7 on the board. The Lions scored again with another drive plus a direct snap to double their lead 14-0. Red Mountain carried that lead into the half, 14-0. The 3rd quarter brought the Lions another TD to bring the game to 21-0, but the Toros broke the Lions scoring streak to put a touchdown up 21-7. Another TD by the Toros sent the game into final with a score of 21-14 with the Lions taking the victory.