The stage is set at Ray Hughes Stadium for the highly anticipated clash between the Oakland Patriots and the Riverdale Warriors in the historic Battle of the Boro. This intense football rivalry, which started back in 1974, will add another chapter to its storied history as the two teams face off on October 27th, 2023. 

With a series that spans nearly five decades, the Oakland vs. Riverdale matchup has become a cornerstone of high school football in Tennessee. The all-time series favors Riverdale with a 32-23 record, but the Patriots are determined to narrow the gap and reclaim bragging rights in this fierce rivalry. 

The Battle of the Boro has been a thrilling spectacle year after year, captivating fans and alumni from both schools. Known for their passionate displays of school spirit, the mascots will be out in full force as the Patriots clash with the Warriors. The Oakland Patriots, led by their valiant eagle mascot, will bring their signature grit and determination to the field. Meanwhile, the Riverdale Warriors, embodied by their fearless warrior mascot, will showcase their unwavering spirit and strength. 

Reflecting on the significance of this iconic matchup, Rick Ford, the founder and CEO of the Great American Rivalry Series, shares his excitement, stating, “The Oakland vs. Riverdale rivalry is a true testament to the enduring spirit of high school football. This game is a cornerstone of our 20th season, and we are thrilled to witness the electric atmosphere and fierce competition that has come to define this storied rivalry.” 

As the teams prepare to battle under the bright Friday night lights, both squads are hungry for victory. Oakland, boasting an impressive seven state championships, aims to showcase their championship pedigree once again. On the other side, Riverdale, with four state titles to their name, looks to maintain their dominance over their arch-rivals. 

With a crowd size estimated to reach around 6,000 spectators, the Battle of the Boro promises an unforgettable night of football. Fans from both sides will fill the stands, proudly sporting their school colors and cheering their teams to victory. 

So mark your calendars, football fans, as the Oakland Patriots and Riverdale Warriors gear up for an exhilarating clash in the 48th meeting between these fierce rivals. The echoes of history will resonate on the field, and the determination to secure a win will fuel the players’ every move. Who will emerge victorious? The answer awaits, and We Know Friday Nights. 


DJ Taylor


Stephen Ellison


Stephen has been a fixture of the Oakland football program for four years. He has twenty-one dual enrollment credits for college, is a three-time All-Academic team member, an All-Region performer, and a three-time State Champion. He is committed to play football next fall at Austin Peay State University.
Ryan Edmiston


Ryan is a model student both in the classroom and on the football field. A valuable member of the varsity squad, Ryan is an impact-maker as both a Tight End and Outside Linebacker. Upon graduation, he wants to pursue a higher education while continuing his football career.


In a highly anticipated matchup that had fans on the edge of their seats, the Oakland vs. Riverdale game delivered an unforgettable spectacle. The game had its fair share of ups and downs, but it ultimately concluded with one of the most astonishing two-point conversions witnessed, solidifying a remarkable victory for Riverdale with a final score of 25-24. From the opening kick-off, both teams showcased their determination and prowess on the field. The game's intensity kept escalating, with spectacular plays and defensive stands that left the crowd in awe. Every yard, every tackle, and every pass was vital as both teams fought tooth and nail for supremacy. As the clock wound down, the scoreboard showed a tight and suspenseful 24-23 score in favor of Oakland. The atmosphere was electric as Riverdale set up for a game-deciding two-point conversion. What transpired next left everyone in the stadium and watching at home in disbelief. In a play that will undoubtedly go down in football lore, Riverdale executed a two-point conversion that defied all expectations. The play's ingenuity, precision, and audacity were beyond compare, and it was executed flawlessly. It was a moment of sheer brilliance that will be talked about for years to come. The final whistle blew, and Riverdale emerged victorious with a final score of 25-24.