The Montague Wildcats and Whitehall Vikings are gearing up for a monumental showdown in the Battle for the Bell at the EG Townsend Athletic Complex. As part of the 20th season of the Great American Rivalry Series, this game holds immense significance for both teams and the dedicated fans in attendance.

The atmosphere is set to reach a fever pitch as the Montague Wildcats, determined to defend their home turf, face off against the Whitehall Vikings. With a crowd size of over 2000 passionate fans, the stands will be alive with pulsating energy and unbridled school spirit.

Founder and CEO of the Great American Rivalry Series, Rick Ford, emphasized the magnitude of this rivalry, stating, “The Montague vs Whitehall matchup showcases the rich history and tradition of high school football rivalries. It is an honor to feature this game in our 20th season.”

With a storied history spanning over a century, these two schools have locked horns 116 times in the Battle for the Bell. The Montague Wildcats currently hold the edge with a 64-50-2 record against the Whitehall Vikings. However, both teams know that past victories hold little weight in the heat of the moment.

In their last encounter, Whitehall emerged victorious in commanding fashion, securing a resounding 60-6 win over Montague. The Vikings’ quarterback, Kyle Stratton, displayed an outstanding performance, accumulating 314 offensive yards and five touchdowns. Montague’s defense put up a valiant effort, with Izac Jarka, Petersen, and the rest of the squad showcasing their skills on the field.

Adding to the intrigue, Whitehall boasts a unique father-son duo on the sideline, with defensive coordinator Keith Stratton guiding the Vikings’ defense and his son Kyle Stratton leading the team as the quarterback. The familial connection only adds to the intensity and passion of this rivalry.

As kickoff approaches, the Montague Wildcats and Whitehall Vikings will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory. The Battle for the Bell signifies more than just a game—it represents the pride and determination of two communities clashing on the gridiron.

So, prepare for an unforgettable night of football as the EG Townsend Athletic Complex becomes the battleground for the Montague vs Whitehall showdown. When it comes to the Battle for the Bell, We Know Friday Nights.



Kyle Stratton


Christopher Aebig


Christopher excels both academically and on the field. Alongside Football, he balances being both a captain in soccer and wrestling where he has played Varsity for 4 years and is a 3-Time State qualifier. With this comes numerous all-conference, district, and regional awards. Off the field, he is a member of National Honors Society and has an outstanding academic record.
Trannon Aylor


Trannon is a 3 sport athlete who excels in Football, Basketball, and Track. Although undecided at this time of where he will attend college, he is interested in studying business or computer science. He not only shines on the field, but in the classroom as well.


Needless to say, tensions were high tonight at the Battle for the Bell. This historic rivalry with over 100 years of history, started out hot from the very beginning. Whitehall dominated the first and second quarters, but Montague did have some notable plays, particularly by #20 who completed a pass before a tackle by Whitehall at the 33-yard line. By halftime, Whitehall was in the lead at 21-0. In the third quarter, Montague’s #81 ran an impressive interception on Whitehall. However, Whitehall’s #20 returned the favor by intercepting Montague before the end of the third quarter, bringing the score to 35-0 and ultimately winning the game! Congratulations to the Vikings!