Mead vs. Mt. Spokane (2018)

Game information

Home Team: Mt. Spokane

Away Team: Mead

Date And Time: 10/05/2018 10:00 pm

Location: Albi Stadium

Game Preview

Known as “The Battle for the Bell,” the rivalry between Spokane’s two high schools has been a yearly gathering place for fans on both sides. The Victory Bell represents the character of the participants, forged in the fires of competition and camaraderie.

Both the Mt. Spokane Wildcats and the Mead Panthers enter the game at 4-1, making this rivalry game that much more important. Risone Ama of Mt. Spokane, who is signed to Eastern Washington, hopes to lead the defense in preventing a fast Panthers offense. With the Bell up for grabs, it’s either team’s ballgame.


Mt. Spokane :13

Mead :10

Game Summary

Mt. Spokane QB Jeter Schuerman was called up from JV because of injuries, and he has quickly written himself into the history of this rivalry, helping to lead his team to a 13-10 victory over the Mead panthers. Almost 10,000 fans soaked with rain watched the Mt. Spokane Wildcats pull off the 13-10 win, snapping a two game losing streak to Mead in the series. Holding a 10-6 lead for much of the game, Mead looked like they would come out ahead, but a late drive by Schuerman and the offense gave Mt. Spokane a 13-10 lead, which allowed them to kill off the game effectively late on and seal the win.


Mt. Spokane (WA)

Offensive and Defensive Line

Scholar Athletes

Mt. Spokane

Quentin Ayers


Keagan Ives

Hall Of Fame

Mt. Spokane

Colten Williams


Jesse Wilhelm