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Alcoa and Maryville, consistently two of the best teams in Tennessee, sit only five miles apart from the other. Their rivalry has been ongoing since they first met in 1948, and has become the most anticipated high school sporting event in the area. Last year, Alcoa broke their 7 game losing streak against Maryville with a 34-28 victory. This year, they will meet for another exciting face-off at Alcoa’s Bill Bailey Stadium.


Cabe Chambers
Alcoa High School


Justin Kinder

Alcoa High School

Justin is a 3-time football State Champion and has started on the Alcoa Wrestling team for 3 years. Justin scored a 31 on the ACT and scored a 4 on three of his AP exams. He is also a member of Our Lady of Fatima Church and the National Honor Society.
Will Myers

Maryville High School

Will is Maryville High’s starting corner back. He is a 3-year letterman. Will is planning to study engineering at either Tennessee Tech or the University of Tennessee.


September 12, 2019 marked the 91st meeting between Maryville High School and Alcoa High School—two football powerhouses with 33 state championships between them. Only five miles lie between the two schools, and, as one fan declared, “If you win this game, you win the county.” Though Maryville led the series 62-25, Alcoa took home the win last year, leading to fierce competition during this 2019 faceoff. Alcoa swiftly earned a field goal in the first quarter, leading the game until the 2nd quarter when Maryville tied the game 3 to 3. Despite three turnovers by Maryville, Alcoa offense couldn’t seem to get past them. After a third quarter, Maryville went on a roll, scoring two touchdowns in rapid succession. Thrilled Maryville fans rushed the field after the clock ran out to 17-3 Maryville victory. Junior quarterback #09 Cade Chambers had an especially stellar evening, leading him to be named the United States Marine Corps Most Valuable Player.