It’s that time of the year again when the town of Radnor and Lower Merion come alive with anticipation and excitement. The historic football rivalry between these two schools reaches a significant milestone this season as it marks the 20th edition of the Great American Rivalry Series. This clash is not just a game; it’s a tradition, a battle for pride, and an embodiment of the essence of high school football. 

With a series that dates back to 1896, Radnor and Lower Merion have been engaging in epic showdowns on the gridiron for over a century. The stage is set at Arnold Field, where the passionate fans of both teams will converge to witness “The Rivalry.” 

The Lower Merion Aces, represented by their mascot, and the Radnor Raptors, soaring high, will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory. The all-time series stands close, with Lower Merion leading by a slight margin, 61 wins to Radnor’s 56, with 11 games ending in a draw. This longstanding competition has seen 128 meetings of unparalleled intensity and dramatic moments. 

Rick Ford, the founder and CEO of the Great American Rivalry Series, had this to say about the significance of this matchup: “Radnor vs. Lower Merion is one of those rivalries that captures the true essence of high school football. The tradition, the passion, and the intense competition make it an absolute spectacle. We’re thrilled to have this game as part of our 20th season.” 

Looking back at last year’s clash, Radnor showcased their dominance with an explosive 80-yard touchdown run in the opening quarter. The Raptors ultimately emerged victorious with a 14-0 shutout win. Their offensive prowess was on full display, amassing 317 total yards, with 64 yards through the air and an impressive 253 rushing yards. On the other side, Lower Merion struggled to find their rhythm, finishing with 232 total yards, 157 passing yards, and 75 rushing yards. 

As the teams take the field once again, the crowd at Arnold Field is set to swell to approximately 5,000 passionate fans, eagerly awaiting another chapter in this storied rivalry. The stakes are high, and with the history and pride at play, both teams will leave everything on the field. 

So mark your calendars for November 4th, 2023, as Radnor and Lower Merion prepare to etch another unforgettable chapter in their historic rivalry.

We Know Friday Nights. 


Mekhai Smith & Ben Booker
Lower Merion


Tucker Graham


Tucker is a four-year letterman on the football and lacrosse teams. He played a pivotal role in the lacrosse programs State Championship 3-peat. Tucker plans to attend Williams College next year where he will continue his lacrosse career.
Ben Booker

Lower Merion

Ben is a 4-year varsity starter for the bulldogs and a two-time captain who has been a driving force for all things Lower Merion over his career. Ben has set the standard for hard work and dedication with his nonstop effort and determination in work outs, practices, and games. Ben has been a part of the program’s foundation, and as a true student athlete as he upholds a 4.97 GPA. After graduation Ben is planning to attend college and major in engineering.


Tonight, the towns of Lower Merion and Radnor came together for a historical rivalry spanning over a century. The two teams face off once again in The Great American Rivalry Series, on Prevost Field. A battle for pride and tradition after the two teams' 128 meetings, the first quarter started out strong with an immediate TD by Lower Merion’s Scholar Athlete Ben Booker, and the Lower Merion Aces proved their name with a 28-point lead by the end of the first half. The Radnor Raptors did all they could to hold off the Aces' pursuit, but the final half ultimately ended in a dominating win by the Lower Marion aces 56-12, continuing the team's lead in this long-running rivalry until next year