In a clash of football titans, the Eisenhower Eagles will take on the Lawton Wolverines in a storied rivalry that dates back to 1964. On September 15, 2023, Cameron Stadium will serve as the battleground for this highly anticipated matchup. As part of the 20th season of the Great American Rivalry Series, this game is a testament to the rich tradition and passion of high school football rivalries.

Rick Ford, founder and CEO of the Great American Rivalry Series, emphasized the significance of the game, stating, “The Eisenhower vs Lawton rivalry is one of those legendary showdowns that define the essence of high school football. This game exemplifies the raw passion and intensity that make rivalries so special. We are honored to feature it in our 20th season.”

The Lawton Wolverines emerged victorious in the previous encounter with a 30-16 win over the Eisenhower Eagles. As both teams prepare to renew their rivalry, the stakes are higher than ever. The players understand the magnitude of the game and the pride they carry representing their schools and communities.

Cameron Stadium will witness a packed crowd of around 8,000 passionate fans, eager to support their respective teams. The energy from the stands will add to the electrifying atmosphere on the field, amplifying the intensity of the competition.

Over the years, this rivalry has seen epic battles, close contests, and moments that have become etched in the annals of high school football history. With every snap of the ball, the players will seek to leave a lasting mark on this storied matchup.

Friday night lights in Lawton, Oklahoma, come alive with the spirit of high school football, and the Eisenhower vs Lawton rivalry embodies that fervor. It’s a celebration of the talent, heart, and dedication of these young athletes who give their all for the love of the game.

As the Eisenhower Eagles and the Lawton Wolverines prepare to once again face off, the anticipation is palpable. Both teams are hungry for victory and ready to leave it all on the field. The camaraderie and competitiveness on display are a testament to the essence of great football rivalries.

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Serri Sheridan
Lawton Eisenhower


Rhamel Campbell


Rhamel is a model student both in the classroom and on the gridiron. Rhamel has maintained an impressive GPA during his academic career while participating in numerous extra-curricular activities. Such as volunteer work at a retirement community and working out at the YMCA. After graduating, he plans to continue his academic career at Cameron University.
Tenari Atoe

Lawton Eisenhower

Tenari is a 4 year member of National Honor Society, has been invited to represent EHS at the National Student leadership conference, has qualified for state for 2 years with the EHS Orchestra and serves as a Captain on the football team.


The Wolverines came out early tonight in Oklahoma with a quick 7 on the board to take the early lead. Eisenhower ran it down the field to a 1st and 10 in the red zone with 9 minutes left in the 2nd quarter, Ike fumbles and Lawton takes the ball running past mid field. Lawton breaks free and take it up the gut past the 30yd line for a TD just before the half… Eisenhower answered in a BIG way with an interception and a 30yd return sending the game into the half 19-6! Wolverines came out in the 3rd with anther TD, and Ike answers back with a 6 pt play. Eisenhower put up another TD in the 3rd. Lawton answered with a 7pt play to bring the tally to 34-13 Ike. The Eagles retuned with a massive 70yd TD to secure the W 41-33.