“The Battle of Arizona Avenue” is one of the most talked about rivalries in the state of Arizona with these two powerhouses sitting less than 4 miles from one another. This heated rivalry received a massive boost back in 1999 when former NFL star, Terrell Suggs, transferred from Chandler to Hamilton. Hamilton would start the rivalry by winning 17 times in a row until they lost in 2013. This gave Chandler high hopes as they would win the next 7 matchups versus the Huskies, while one of these wins came during the State Championship. In most of these match ups, both teams are ranked high in the overall country ranks, making each player and coach want to prove their spot not only within Arizona, but the country. Thursday, November 10th, will be the 30th time that these teams will match up. Following a victorious 2021 season against Chandler, Hamilton wants to bring the streak back home so they can continue to hold the name as the best on Arizona Avenue for another year.




Matthew Krneta


Asher Kroschel


Asher is one the hardest working young men this program has had the pleasure of coaching in the past decade. His high character, integrity and leadership are just a few of his outstanding traits that make him a leader on and off the field. Asher plans on pursuing opportunities to play football at the next level and obtaining a business degree.
Dominic Hanger


Dominic, a team captain for the Wolves, currently holds a 3.7 GPA and is a two-year starter at linebacker. He plans to continue to play football after high school and pursue a degree in business.


This Thursday night in the “Battle of Arizona Avenue” the Huskies and the Wolves met up for their 30th matchup of the series. Hamilton opened the action with a QB sack with just under 7 minutes left in the 1st. Chandler answered with a forced fumble and after a drive into the red zone, landed a field goal, putting the first points on the board, 3-0. The Huskies came back and gained a TD, taking the lead 7-3 with only 33 seconds left in the 1st half. A big kickoff return by Hamilton at the opening of the second half resulted in a field goal to up the score to 10-3. A trick play from Chandler tied the game at 10 with 7:48 left in the game. The Huskies regained the lead with a field goal putting 13-10 on the scoreboard with just over 5 and a half left in this Rivalry in Arizona. A TD from the Wolves made it a tight game but a 45 yd completion from Hamilton landed them into the endzone with a final score of 19-17.