Baltimore City at Baltimore Poly (2019)

Game information

Home Team: Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Away Team: Baltimore City High School

Date And Time: 11/02/2019 1:00 pm

Location: Hughes Stadium

Game Preview

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Baltimore Poly Tech and Baltimore City game is the second longest high school rivalry in the country at 130 games. Both institutes demonstrate an unmatched passion for the game and their face off continues to be a must-see each year.  2019 will be even more intense now that the series is tied up 62-62. The teams will be led by former rivalry players, Coach Hamilton and Poly’s new coach, Marquise O’Neal.  


Baltimore Polytechnic Institute :6

Baltimore City High School :10

Game Summary

This was a hard fought game by both teams, with defense from Poly and City playing strong throughout. Neither team scored in the first half, but the OL of Poly and City both fought hard and gained ground. The engineers made it onto the board first but didn't maintain their lead for too long. A huge run by City tied the game, and then the Black Knights scored a 2 point conversion, making the score 6-8. In the 4th quarter, City was allowed a Safety, bringing the score to 6-10.


Baltimore City High School

Tim Bethea

Scholar Athletes

Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

John McFadden

Baltimore City High School

Kevin Couser