The Kent Meridian vs. Auburn game is one of the most highly anticipated rivalry games in the state and it is the second oldest rivalry in Washington State history. The Rivalry between the two schools is normally a highly attended affair, however with Auburn not yet in school and a poor weather forecast, the turnout was much lower than expected. The attendance for this game was roughly around 800. The stadium rules stated everyone in the stadium must be in a seat while the game is going on, unless they were using the restroom or going to the concession stand. This rule was put into place because of violence in previous years.


Joseph Fannagan


Ben Woods

Kent Meridian

Ben has a 3.627 GPA and is a full IB Diploma candidate in honors classes. He plans to continue his baseball career at the collegiate level. He is a 2 year All-League selection for the football team, and a 3 year All-League selection as a catcher on the baseball team, where he is a team captain.
Gavin Strojan


Gavin has accumulated a 3.82 GPA in honors and AP curriculum. He is a 3 year varsity letterman in both basketball and football. He is also Auburn’s ASB Vice President.


To start the game Auburn came out and scored a quick field goal, however Kent Meridian answered back with three unanswered touchdowns from Quarterback Ben Woods and took a commanding lead into the 4th quarter of 18-3. In the 4th the depth of both teams really showed as Auburn who dresses 70 kids looked to just finally be catching their stride and Kent Meridian who dresses 44 kids, started to look tired and worn out. Auburn who hadn’t scored since their opening possession, scored 22 unanswered points in the 4th quarter to win this rivalry game 25-18 and take home the Taylor and Rivalry Series Trophies.