Get ready for an epic showdown as the Grayson Rams go head-to-head with the Archer Tigers in a high-stakes rivalry that commenced in 2010. On October 27, 2023, the Archer Community Stadium in Georgia will witness the clash of two football powerhouses. This thrilling matchup is a standout event in the 20th season of the Great American Rivalry Series, showcasing the intensity and passion of high school football rivalries across the nation. 

Rick Ford, founder and CEO of the Great American Rivalry Series, spoke about the significance of the game, stating, “The Grayson vs Archer rivalry is a true gem in the world of high school football. These teams embody the essence of fierce competition and embody the pride of their respective communities. It’s an honor to feature this matchup in our 20th season.” 

The all-time series heavily favors the Grayson Rams, with a record of 10 victories compared to Archer’s 2. However, when it comes to rivalries, numbers can be deceiving. The Archer Tigers are eager to turn the tide and prove that past records hold no sway on the battlefield. The stage is set for a monumental clash between these two Georgia juggernauts. 

Archer Community Stadium will be transformed into a cauldron of excitement, with a crowd of 7,000 passionate fans ready to fuel their teams with unwavering support. The energy from the stands will be palpable, adding to the intensity on the field. 

In their previous encounter, Grayson secured a dominant 41-0 victory over Archer. The Tigers have had ample time to regroup, analyze their shortcomings, and prepare for their shot at redemption. Motivated by their previous defeat, they are determined to leave everything on the field and deliver a resounding response. 

As the Grayson Rams and the Archer Tigers prepare to renew their storied rivalry, the anticipation is at an all-time high. This matchup represents more than just a football game—it is a battle for pride, respect, and the hearts of their communities. The stands will roar, the bands will play, and the players will give their all, knowing the significance of this clash. 

Friday nights in Georgia are synonymous with high school football, and the Grayson vs Archer rivalry epitomizes the passion and tradition of the sport. It’s a showcase of the resilience, talent, and camaraderie that define these teams. The lights will shine brightly, the cheers will echo through the night, and the game will undoubtedly be one to remember.  

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JD Davis


Emanuel Young


Emmanuel is a distinguished senior and team captain of the Archer football program, a position bestowed upon him by his peers. Through his exceptional leadership, he has played an instrumental role in guiding the Archer football team into the 2023 GHSA playoffs, positioning them as strong contenders for the Region 4A-7A championship. Beyond his athletic prowess, Emmanuel demonstrates an admirable commitment to academic excellence, maintaining an impressive 3.6 GPA. He is also a proud member of the National Honors Society, further attesting to his dedication to scholastic achievement. With aspirations to continue his football career at the collegiate level, Emmanuel's dedication and multifaceted talents serve as a testament to his bright future both on and off the field.
J.D. Davis.


J.D. Davis is a true scholar-athlete whose prowess on the football field as quarterback is matched only by his academic excellence, boasting a remarkable 3.9 weighted GPA. J.D. is a distinguished member of the National Honors Society and an active participant in NG3, exemplifying his commitment to both personal growth and community service. With plans to pursue a degree in literature and math communications, J.D. stands at the threshold of a promising academic journey, supported by offers from both FCS and FBS institutions to continue his football career beyond high school.


The Battle of Georgia is fierce and longstanding, all within the pecan tree-lined streets of metro-Atlanta. The annual matchup of the Archer Tigers and their nemesis the Grayson Rams is one to never miss. Grayson made a splash in the first half, putting 3 touchdowns, one of which was scored from an 82 yard rush. Archer’s offense managed to get one score, but were smoked again by a 15 yard touchdown and 30 yard reception by the rams in the third quarter. The defense of the Tigers put up a fight in hopes to bring down the wall that is the Grayson offense, but it was no use for their power and impeccable running back #43 Dylan Elder who put up over 100 yards for the night, landing on a final score of 41-14.