The Offseason

It’s Almost Here…

What Makes a Rivalry?

As we get closer and closer to the start of the 2018 season, I keep thinking to myself, “what truly makes a rivalry.” Is it the talent of the players or the competitiveness of the teams? Is it the amount of people in the stands or the passion of those fans? It’s all these things, […]

Can You Feel It?

Can you feel it? It’s almost here…

It Was Never Even Close

Friday Night Lights (2004) put up the best fight of any film, but it was nowhere near enough. Remember The Titans (2000) beat Friday Night Lights 76% to 24% on Facebook, 65% to 35% on Twitter, and 68% to 32% in Instagram. It was never even close. When we first sat down to discuss the […]

It Was Always Going To Be These Two

Friday Night Lights (2004) and Remember The Titans (2000) are two very different kinds of films. One is a gritty, often difficult look at the harsh realities of growing up in a small town in Texas with the weight of the world heaped on your shoulders by everyone around you. And one is a feel-good […]