The Offseason

The Toughest Matchup So Far

I’m still considering who to vote for in this one. Thirteen-year-old me wants to shout “You Can Do It,” to The Waterboy (1998) and vote for it. But my more mature self understands that Friday Night Lights (2004) is probably a better film. But can I vote for Friday Night Lights? The TV Show is […]

Was Rudy Offside? An Investigation

Yes. That’s the only way a 5’7, 165 lbs. janitor could have gotten that sack, even if he had help too (this fact not seen in the movie). Case Closed.

Can Anything Stop Remember The Titans?

Look, I get it. Remember The Titans (2000) is a clear frontrunner. It’s got everything. It’s got the speeches, the team bonding, the overcoming of adversity, a great cast, a feel-good story (not counting the very end). And it’s a legitimately good movie. I’ve probably seen it a hundred times if you take all the […]

All The Right Moves and Varsity Blues Are the Same Movie, but Varsity Blues Is Better

This is the story of a high school student trying to escape his dying hometown, the story of a malevolent, overbearing coach trying to hold that young man back, who is selfishly only interested in achieving personal glory. This is also a love story, about two young people who dream of better things together. This […]

The Blind Side: How Did This Get Nominated for an Oscar?

The Blind Side (2009) is fine. It’s by no means the worst film I’ve ever seen and nowhere near the best. Basically, I forgot I had even watched the film about five minutes after the credits rolled. Now, I can remember the basics of Sandra Bullock taking in this young, homeless man and helping him […]

The Waterboy: The Last Great Adam Sandler Movie

When I say Adam Sandler movie, I mean an Adam Sandler movie. Sandler has been great in projects since The Waterboy (1998). Notably, Punch Drunk Love (2002) is exceptional, and Sandler is great in it. Last year’s The Meyerowitz Stories (2017) was well-received, and, once again, Sandler is great. These films, though, are Paul Thomas […]

The Greatest Sports Movie of All-Time is Friday Night Lights (TV Series)

Maybe it’s cheating. It’s 53 hours versus 2 hours to tell a story. More than 2 days to get to know characters versus a small part of your afternoon. But I can’t let this go by without mention for the greatest piece of fiction ever produced about football, Friday Night Lights the TV Series. Series […]