West vs. East (2012)

Game information

Home Team: West

Away Team: East

Date And Time: 08/24/2012 7:00 pm

Location: West High School

Game Preview

West vs. East is one of the oldest rivalry games in Utah and West High School is the oldest school in Utah. It was a perfect and beautiful night in Salt Lake City as two teams face each other for the 112th time; this is the rivalry game between West vs. East as fans packed the stands.


West :9

East :48

Game Summary

East dominated the second half scoring a touchdown just five minutes into the second half. West fumbled on their ensuing possession and the Leopards recovered the loose ball and returned it for a touchdown with just 2:45 left in the third. Fourth quarter finally saw West score their first touchdown of the night and, after a couple of garbage time touchdowns, the game came to a merciful end with a final score of East 48- West 9. East High School improves to 2-0 on the young season.


East (UT)

Ula Toluntau

Scholar Athletes


Tyler Ferill


OitaLafo “PJ” Nu’usa

Hall Of Fame


Mark Blosch


Sione Pouha