Maryville vs. Alcoa (2012)

Game information

Home Team: Maryville

Away Team: Alcoa

Date And Time: 08/26/2012 7:00 pm

Location: Shields Stadium

Game Preview

The Maryville-Alco game has been played every year for 85 seasons. Their rivalry has gained national attention. This particular installment of the Maryville-Alcoa game had the feel of an NFL playoff game. 9,000 fans were in attendance in the brand new Maryville stadium with millions across the nation able to tune into ESPN2 and watch from home. Maryville, on a 30 game winning streak, hosted Alcoa after ending Alcoa’s 44-game win streak the previous year.


Maryville :42

Alcoa :24

Game Summary

The game was well-played and competitive throughout the first three quarters. Alcoa made three critical turnovers late in the game which gave Maryville the chance to take advantage, and the Rebels capitalized with three touchdowns off those turnovers. Maryville prevailed 42-24 in a fantastic rivalry game.


Maryville (TN)

Nick Myers

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Logan Winders


Colton Woody

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Larry Johnston


Tyris Gilmore Jr.