The Offseason

The Waterboy: The Last Great Adam Sandler Movie

When I say Adam Sandler movie, I mean an Adam Sandler movie. Sandler has been great in projects since The Waterboy (1998). Notably, Punch Drunk Love (2002) is exceptional, and Sandler is great in it. Last year’s The Meyerowitz Stories (2017) was well-received, and, once again, Sandler is great. These films, though, are Paul Thomas […]

The Greatest Sports Movie of All-Time is Friday Night Lights (TV Series)

Maybe it’s cheating. It’s 53 hours versus 2 hours to tell a story. More than 2 days to get to know characters versus a small part of your afternoon. But I can’t let this go by without mention for the greatest piece of fiction ever produced about football, Friday Night Lights the TV Series. Series […]

The Best Ending of Any Football Movie

Spoilers Ahead (But come on, the movie came out 14 years ago) Let’s get this out of the way: the ending of Friday Night Lights (2004) is a HUGE bummer. Maybe not as much of a bummer as the book the film is based on, but still a bummer. A major criticism of the film […]

Any Given Sunday: A Pretty Good Movie with an All-Time Great Speech

What makes a good football movie? Around The Great American Rivalry Series offices we’ve been asking ourselves this question this past week. The one thing we keep hearing over and over again is that a great football movie makes you want to bust down the door and run out on the field and hit someone. […]

The Unrelenting Awfulness of Radio

I’ve taken a great deal of grief from my coworkers this last week. When we first started discussing our best football movies, I made the crucial mistake of writing this email in a group message asking people their top 5 football movies:   Jerry Maguire Varsity Blues All The Right Moves (this is peak Tom […]

Why You Should Watch North Dallas Forty

North Dallas Forty (1979) is the best football movie no one at The Great American Rivalry Series has seen, except for CEO and Series Founder, Rick Ford. I consider myself a movie expert, but I’d never even heard of this film that the preeminent expert on football around here said was his favorite football movie of […]

Is Jerry Maguire a Football Movie?

I first watched Cameron Crowe’s Jerry Maguire (1996) because I assumed it was a football movie. Or at least a movie about a sports agent. And I was right. Jerry Maguire is a movie about a football agent trying to figure out his life after a breakdown. Is there a love story at the heart of […]